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A detailed Guide on How to Make Money with Clickbank

Make Money with Clickbank

I came across various methods to Make Money Online, when I started my Internet Marketing journey One of the best methods was affiliate marketing business. Sites like JVzoo, Clickbank, and allow affiliate marketers to promote products online and earn a commission. I have tried promoting Clickbank Products through various methods and convinced that you can make money with Clickbank if you follow the process.

There are some great products to promote if you follow some basic steps in identifying the products and advertising them.

In this guide, I have outlined the entire process and given some tips and tricks to make money with Clickbank product promotion for beginners as well as experienced marketers.

What is Clickbank and how does it work?

Clickbank is a marketplace for digital goods in any niche. Anyone can participate here as a seller or an affiliate to earn a decent income online. You need to register as a user of Clickbank platform to participate and fill in some necessary information.

A seller records and lists his product on Clickbank platform under a particular category.

Some of the major categories are

Health and fitness

This is the most sought after niche on Clickbank. Thousands of people search online for a solution to their health issues or to increase their fitness levels. You will find many of the guides, solutions to these problems. Once you find a suitable product to promote, you may review the same on your blog, create descriptive videos covering all of the features, pros and cons. Then promote this blog post via SEO, video marketing and much more.

Internet marketing

You will find products ranging from software tools to guides on Making Money with Internet Marketing. Affiliates prefer to promote internet marketing products due to increasing demand for these.

Business opportunities

If you have a 9 to 5 job or are fully into business, you will be looking to make money with business opportunities available online. Whether it is MLM, rev share programs, affiliate marketing, opportunities are all over, and Clickbank has a list of these opportunities.

How to make money with Clickbank?

Becoming a vendor with Clickbank

As a seller, you can package your knowledge and skills as digital products and list on Clickbank. You can get many of the affiliates to promote your product apart from various advertising options available on the platform itself. You can also promote the product yourself to keep all of the revenue generated from your sales.

If you can create a digital product like an eBook or a software that you wish to sell, you can do that easily on ClickBank. You need to register as a vendor and showcase your product. The commission is set by you which will be paid to the affiliates who wish to promote your product. These members drive targeted traffic to your landing page or website. This will hopefully result in sales.

What to do once you get the traffic?

Once the affiliates start sending the traffic to your sales page, it is your turn to treat these potential buyers well and make sure that they end up buying the product. This can be done with a professional sales page, converting copy, clear call to action, etc. You may also collect the leads and contact them through email autoresponders in case they do not purchase on the first visit.

You may send them regular newsletters, freebies and build a relationship over time so that they trust you, your products and are willing to buy to make money with Clickbank for longterm.

Get the Cheatsheet of this post in an inforgraphic format here ;

Becoming an affiliate with Clickbank

First, you need to register as an affiliate with Clickbank. You will be able to access the marketplace wherein you will find several products listed in different categories. As mentioned above. You can search the products based on a niche that you are interested in. Then narrow down to the products based on the price, the commission offered, gravity, etc. It is critical to spend some time in selecting the right product.

Clickbank Marketplace
Clickbank Marketplace

Choosing a Clickbank product to promote

It is entirely different than choosing a product from networks like JVZoo. You can find that there are some excellent products which are being developed since more than a year. The lifespan of a product on JVzoo is much shorter than that. This allows you to identify the right products and analyze them much better.

Some parameters used to identify the products to promote;

Clickbank products
Clickbank products
  • Gravity – This refers to a score based on the number of affiliates promoting the product in the last 12 weeks
  • Popularity
  • Price at which the product is sold.
  • Commission
  • Amount or percentage is paid to the affiliates

How to market the products as a Clickbank Affiliate

Furthermore. following is an outline of the process followed in promoting Clickbank products;

– Find the Product to Promote

– Get the affiliate link

– Drive traffic to the affiliate link

– Make money with Clickbank

It is nice to have a website with blog posts related to the niche of your product. If not, you can write these blog posts and promote the Clickbank products. WordPress is a convenient platform to build a website quickly; you will need to buy a domain name related to your niche or product, buy hosting and install WordPress on it. It is advisable to learn basics of search engine marketing so that you can set up your site and articles correctly. Then you can look for promoting the website in various niche related blogs, forums, social media, video sites and much more.

The idea is to get visitors to your site, offer them valuable content and promote the Clickbank products within the content.

The most effective way to drive traffic to clickbank offers

Drive targeted traffic to Clickbank offers

Drive traffic to landing page – Make Money with Clickbank offers

– First, we need to generate targeted traffic from search engines , social media, video marketing and other means.

– Capture Email ids , build the list (yes, the money is in the LIST)

These visitors will see a landing page wherein we can capture their emails, preferably in exchange for a free gift related to the niche.

Also, we can set up an email auto-responder with a series of emails to automate the next steps. However, these emails need to be informative, you can offer some free products and engage the subscribers. In between, you may promote the Clickbank products related to the niche.

This method has been very effective for me in generating the sales as an affiliate.

How to drive traffic to your blog?

It might be clear to you by now, that the more traffic you generate, the more money you can earn with click bank affiliate program.

Make Money with Clickbank starts with in-depth keyword research, which means the words/phrases related to your niche which have higher search volume. You may look for long tail keywords and cover them in your blog content. Long tail keywords are supposed to have less competition, and you can rank your blog posts faster on search engines using these keywords.

You may also go for paid traffic through Pay Per Click (PPC) like Google Adwords, Bing, Facebook ads, etc. Here, you will need to balance the advertising budget and the revenue that you can generate with it. You may start small and test the traffic. Then scale the successful campaigns as and when you find them.

Methods to drive quality traffic

Also, we can go for the following methods to drive quality leads to the offer.

–    Promotion through a website or blog – When you have decent amount of traffic on your niche site, you can place clickbank product ads on these sites. Also, you may capture the emails to send them to the email sales funnel.

–    Clickbank product reviews – you may post detailed review of the product highlighting the pros and cons of the product. You will get enough leads if your review is unbiased and informative.

–    Clickbank products videos – Any product review can be done in the form of a video. You can rank these videos on YouTube, vimeo etc. and drive quality traffic to your site r landing page.

–    Search Engine Optimization – Ranking the keywords related to the product is one of the effective ways to get traffic to the landing page. This may take time and effort depending on the niche.

–    Email marketing for Clickbank products – All the traffic that you drive from any of the above methods should be go to a landing page to capture emails. This way, you will have more than one chance to contact the subscriber and advertise multiple products through an email series.


Focus on mastering a product or a niche and a traffic source. Once you see enough profits, add more products to your promotion across the niche or even attempt a new niche. This process helps you to build multiple income streams to Make Money with Clickbank.

Clickbank University

Clickbank University

Clickbank has started a training program for the sellers and affiliates called Clickbank University. Here, you can get detailed information about the system and how to participate actively in the same. More and more newbie marketers are opting for this training program to get educated and start in this affiliate marketing business. If you are interested in this program then get further information here.


As an online marketer, you will find that Make Money with Clickbank opportunity is one of the best ways to make money online. Therefore, whether you are a product creator or an affiliate marketer, you need to understand the platform and start driving quality traffic to your affiliate links. Consequently, it becomes quite easy to set up campaigns or blog posts to draw more and more visitors to your affiliate links. This will result in a worthwhile business venture with Clickbank affiliate program. Start today and let us know if you need any more information on this excellent opportunity.

Make Money With JVzoo – A Detailed Guide

Make money with JVZoo
Make money with JVZoo

Internet marketing has created numerous opportunities to make money online. One can get into internet marketing itself or provide services to other internet marketers. One of these ways is to Make Money with JVzoo marketplace.

Affiliate marketing is one of the favorite ways to make money online if you know the basics and put in the time and effort to do it. Selling products created by others for a commission is affiliate marketing.

Marketplaces like Clickbank,, JVZoo and much more provide an opportunity for anyone to start with affiliate marketing. In this guide, we will dig deep into JVzoo and its features.

How JVZoo works ?

JVZoo Marketplace
JVZoo Marketplace

JVZoo affiliate network is one of the reputed marketplaces for digital products ranging from self-improvement to internet marketing. However, it is the internet marketing products that make this site stand out from others. High-quality product creators and savvy marketers are part of JVZoo. They offer a lot of goods for you to promote on a daily basis.

JVZoo marketplace also provides analytics of various products so that the vendors and affiliates can keep track of the sales and decide on the best products to market.

How To Make money with JVZoo ?

JVZoo Dashboard

JVZoo Dashboard

Jvzoo provides two ways to make money with their system.

–    Launch your product as a vendor

–    Promote other vendors’ products as an affiliate

  1. Launch your product as a vendor

First, you need to register as a supplier with jvzoo and list your product in their marketplace. Apart from the direct visitors on jvzoo, you can get many affiliates willing to promote your products for a commission. You can leverage the affiliate system by providing handsome fees, marketing materials for the affiliates and build a relationship with the members over time.

Create own products

Apart from being an affiliate you can build and launch your new digital product on JVzoo. You can convert your knowledge or a particular skill into a course, a tool, etc. which solves a problem for many of the marketers. Product categories listed above give you a hint about the type of products in demand. Usually, internet marketers look for quality services which are economical and save their time while still solving a critical issue.

For example, an email sending tool which helps to reach the inbox of the subscribers, a keyword research tool to uncover hidden gems of keywords, a course teaching an effective way to run Facebook ads and much more. The possibilities are unlimited. You may go through the JVzoo website and the products listed to get an idea. Also, displays the products from similar marketplaces like warrior plus.

If you are a beginner or even an experienced marketer, it I good to collaborate, other marketers, while launching a product or service. Each one of you can bring your strengths to the table so that the final product is of the highest quality. For example, you might be good in coding and create a quality tool. One of the partners can be a good internet marketer having connections across the network. One more partner can be a designer experienced in videos, graphic design, etc. When you team up and market the product, you will save time and money in the launch process.

  1. Promote other vendors’ products as an affiliate

JVZoo affiliate dashboard
JVZoo affiliate dashboard

Second, you can register as an affiliate with jvzoo for free and develop the products that interest you. Commissions are based on the sales and you will be paid from Jvzoo. Internet marketing products are the most popular ones being promoted on jvzoo. Affiliate commissions range from 10% to whopping 80% in some cases. Also, I’m products have a sales funnel allowing you to earn from one time offers (OTO) and recurring sales. Once you make enough sales, you will be a preferred affiliate among the vendors and can expect higher returns and faster payments.

Most of the vendors launch their products with a contest wherein the affiliates earn attractive cash prizes based on the number of sales done within the launch period.

Jvzoo product promotion is done various methods. Design a website related to JVZoo products in a certain niche like Internet marketing.

– Create informative content.

– Promote the site through social media, video marketing, SEO, and much more.

– You can go for paid traffic through Google AdWords, Facebook ads, Bing ads, etc. to drive traffic to your offers.

JVzoo Products related to internet marketing can be categorized into the following types;


  • Internet marketing guides
  • Video creation software and Video package
  • Graphics tools and Ready made graphics packages
  • Email marketing solutions
  • List building tools and methods
  • Video marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media marketing

Where to find upcoming JVZoo product launches?

Websites like list the upcoming launches from different sites like and

JVZoo best sellers: JVZoo site showcases the bestselling products for various time periods. These will help you to identify the quality products and reliable marketers from whom you can expect better products.

There are daily, weekly and monthly top sellers listed based on the number of sales.


Which products to promote on JVZoo?

As a newbie marketer, it can be confusing to select a product to promote with so many new products being launched everyday.

You may go through the list of top sellers to identify the product or vendors whom you can trust and follow their upcoming launches.

JVZoo Top Sellers
JVZoo Top Sellers

Jvzoo new product launches

You can find out about the future launches sites like Here, you can find out about the product name, date of launch, product creators, price and commission. You will also get the link to the JV page or affiliate page so that you can request the seller to promote the product.

Jvzoo product reviews

Whenever a new product is launched on Jvzoo, many affiliate marketers promote this product to their subscribers. You can review this product by studying its features, pros and cons through the sales page. Some of the vendors also provide a review copy of the product so that you can experience all the features and provide a detailed analysis to your audience. These reviews can be in the form of a blog post or a video which is published on your blog or YouTube.

jvzoomunchOnce you decide on a product to promote, go through the affiliate page and if possible get a review copy of the product.

Once you have all the information, write a detailed consideration of the product, convert it to a video by yourself or get it done through a freelancer. You may also create catchy graphics covering the main features of the product and promote on social media like Pinterest, Instagram, etc.


If you are looking to build an online business to share your knowledge and expertise or to work as an affiliate, JVzoo is the best place to start. Why not give it a try?


25 Most Effective Ways to Make Money Online


Believe me, IT IS EASY to Make Money Online, if you know what you are doing. You might have heard about “working in your pajamas” and it may seem like a cliche with so many so called experts trying to convince you that it is damn easy.

“When you do more than you are paid for, eventually, you will be given for more than you do.”

–    Zig Ziglar

Start with the skills you already have.

Do you think you do not have any?

Take a pen and paper and list out what all can you do. You will be surprised by the number of marketable skills that you have.

Select the best one. Start offering this power in freelancing sites. Social media sites, forums, through friends, family. Get the word out there.

It is just a matter of first few orders before the ball starts rolling and you start making money. Which you can offer for a nominal cost or even free. Your focus should be to test your skills and to build a robust portfolio of marketable skills.

What are the different ways to make money online?

I have listed some of the online money making opportunities that I have come across – I have made money with some of these and have used other services to compliment the services I offer.

For example, I offer video creation services for online marketers. I do not provide my voiceover to these videos since this is not my skill. I hire voiceover artists as and when I need a professional voiceover, and I end up creating an effective marketing video.

  1. Get paid to sites

Many of those looking to make money online come across this opportunity which is quite popular all over the internet. It seems easy enough as well. Many sites offer to get paid to click, read, write, browse, email, etc. You can perform any of these actions and earn cash for each of the actions. Some of the famous sites are inboxdollars, Clixsense, Swagbucks, etc.  This can be a time-consuming task since the payout is not so good compared to other gigs which you can perform if you learn some specific skills like writing, designing, etc.

  1. Online Surveys

If you live in Native English speaking countries, you have many opportunities to make money with online surveys. Many sites offer paid surveys once you register with them for free. Since the advertising companies want to collect data from individual countries/ cities, online surveys opportunity is limited to certain countries. You can get paid from $3 up to $25 for completing a survey depending on the length of the survey and the information asked for. Toluna, Vivantic, Mysurvey are some of the legit survey websites.

  1. Online research

There are many internet marketers, companies who need customer behviour data all the time. You may help them with online research. Earning would depend on the amount of information asked for, how fast can you get the information and format the same as per the requirements. You can find these opportunities on Freelance sites like Upwork and Fiverr.

Make Money Online by teaching

  1. Teach online

There are websites which connect the students and tutors online. If you are more enterprising, then you can start your website and offer to teach. Teaching online is the emerging opportunity in education with sites like Udemy offering ample opportunities if you are good enough in a particular subject.

  1. Virtual assistance

Being a virtual assistant you can be self-employed and can provide remote support like administrative, technical and even creative services. You can work from a home office or a co-working space to provide professional services for ongoing assignments for clients residing in any part of the world. Some of the assignments might need you to work according to client’s time zone whereas others allow you to work in your time zone.

You can list your services on freelance sites like Upwork or start your website listing all the services that you provide and list testimonials from other clients, your pricing, etc. You can even hire other virtual assistants once you have enough customers and can outsource for higher returns.

Make Money Online by Online Marketing Services

  1. Online Marketing Services

With the fierce competition among online businesses, you may offer services like search engine optimization, search engine marketing, Website creation, etc. Since internet marketers run multiple sites, you can have a steady flow of orders if you prove your expertise and help the business to grow. You can even set up a digital marketing agency offering all the online marketing services under one roof.

Most of the job sites, freelance sites have a listing of these services. You can promote your services through own websites.

  1. Drop shipping

There are sites like Aliexpress who provide physical products at a reasonable rate. You may use these sites to procure the products and sell them on sites like Amazon, EBay, etc. for a higher margin. Since the range of the goods is vast, you have enough potential to grow this business depending the time, efforts and money you invest in this inline business model.

  1. Graphic design services

Any website needs some basic graphics like a well-designed logo, banners, headers, etc. If you acquire entry level skill in creating these elements, you are good to start as a graphic designer. You can keep improving your designing skills with each order and end up getting high-value design assignments. Start with freelancing/gig sites, and once you get enough experience, you may start your website offering graphic design services. You can provide your design skills on marketplaces like 99design, Graphicriver, Crowdspring, etc.

  1. Lead generation

Lead generation services are gaining demand recently. Any online business needs leads whom they can showcase their products, educate them and ultimately make them buy the product. Hence generating qualified leads is the necessary requirements for these ventures. Lead generation can be as simple as mining the data online through company websites, social media accounts like Facebook, professional networking sites like LinkedIn, etc. Also, you may promote the offer online to attract the leads who are looking for a particular offer and send those leads to the advertiser. You will be paid per lead or sale depending on the terms of the merchant.

  1. Affiliate marketing

You may promote the products or services of other companies or product creators to earn a decent income. There are many opportunities like becoming an affiliate of Amazon, Clickbank, ShareASale, etc. To drive the traffic to these products or offers, you may go for search engine optimization or paid traffic from Google, Facebook, etc.

Earn Huge Money Online by Social Media Marketing

  1. Social media services

Most of the businesses – both online and offline use social media. This trend has created a huge opportunity to those offering social media services. It is almost compulsory these days to have a Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram accounts for any business to promote products/services and to keep engaging with the buyers. These companies look to outsource all these tasks – creating a social media account, posting content on a daily basis, interacting with the followers, etc. If you can provide these services, you can look to make some decent income.

  1. Blogging

Anyone with a passion and knowledge for a particular subject can start the blog. Keep your focus on sharing what you know the best and provide value to your blog visitors. Do research on the keywords people use for the niche that you are going after. Write your unique content around these keywords to gain some organic traffic. Use the social media to syndicate your content and attract some followers and traffic. Soon you will find there are many ways you can monetize your blog with ads – banners, contextual ads, guest posts, etc.

  1. Buy and sell domain names

Unique and catchy domain names are in demand all the time. Internet marketers, webmasters, online businesses keep hunting for ideal domain names in many of the marketplaces meant for this service. If you can get hold of these domain names in bulk, you can sell in these markets for a good margin. There are instances of domain names bought for less than $10 and sold for thousands of dollars. You might have read about a Google employee who bought the domain for a few minutes and was paid $12,000 by Google! You can narrow down your focus to a particular industry and niche that interests you while buying domain names. Then list them on the auction sites like, sedo, flippa, etc.

  1. Start your Website

Starting your own business through a website can be rewarding and economical these days. Furthermore, social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. capturing the attention of the entire population. Hence, it makes sense to take advantage of the online world to run a business. You will need to register a domain name, get a hosting and upload the content to your website. You can learn the basics online or hire an expert from freelance sites. The website can be a blog wherein you can write about the topics of your interest, share your opinion, expertise and provide enough value to the readers.

Do some online research to find out what the trends in your chosen niche are or what the pain points that you can address are. Then write engaging content. Spice it up with some images, graphics or videos to hold the attention of the users. You can monetize the website in different ways – put advertisements from Google AdSense, promote affiliate products related to your niche, sell banner space, etc.

Do some online research to find out what the trends in your chosen niche are or what the pain points that you can address are. Then write engaging content. Spice it up with some images, graphics or videos to hold the attention of the users. You can monetize the website in different ways – put advertisements from Google AdSense, promote affiliate products related to your niche, sell banner space, etc.

  1. Online Stock Market Trading

If you are willing to put some time and money into learning stock trading, it can be a lucrative opportunity to increase your income. You can trade the stocks intraday or for short/long term based on your capacity to invest and wait for the profits. Several reputed brokering partners offer stock trading service wherein you can trade online through your computer or even your smartphone.

You will find more information about starting out through a trusted broker from NASDAQ here

  1. Forex trading

Currencies across the globe are affected due to various reasons – political, economic, social, etc. This fluctuation in exchange rates between different currencies provides an opportunity in the form of forex trading. You can start learning Forex trading on sites here. Start with minimum investment, and you can go on investing more as you start earning profits.

  1. Video marketing services

YouTube is the second largest search engine. Hence video marketing has been one of the fastest growing promotional methods for businesses. There are three different components to this – creating the video, promotion of the video and capturing the leads through the videos. You can work on the parts in which you have some experience. Rest can be outsourced, or you can partner with someone for a profit share. Businesses look for the video marketing services often to increase brand awareness, promote products and to complement their online marketing efforts.

Make Money Online by Flipping websites

  1. Flipping Websites

Many internet marketers or businesses are looking for quality websites but lack the time or resources to create websites. If you love to create websites and promote them, you can monetize this without waiting for the sites to yield revenues through advertising or affiliate marketing.  You may sell the websites through various social media sites, forums or on website flipping sites like flippa, flipping empire, etc.

  1. JVZOO product promotion

JVZOO is a marketplace to promote product and services in various niches. You can even offer your products and promote them on this website. Also, there are hundreds of vendors who are looking for partners/affiliates to help them in promoting their products to the right target audience. You may master a few techniques to reach out to the customers through email marketing, paid advertising, video marketing, etc. to promote the offers effectively. You can expect anywhere from 50% to 80% commissions on the sales made by you. Once you start generating a few sales, it becomes relatively easier to get recognized and build a strong network with other marketers. This, in turn, will help you to promote better products and also in creating your goods and services and market them effectively.

  1. CPA marketing

Online businesses provide an opportunity for any publisher to promote their offers online and get the potential customers take a particular action. Publishers are paid based on the specific measures taken by the leads. It can be as simple as giving away their email id or zip code for which the publisher is paid anywhere from $1 to $5. There are many high-value offers as well which pay more than $50 per lead. In these cases usually, the lead will have to fill in survey forms with multiple pages. Offers like payday loans, Forex offers, health product trial offers pay up to $200 per lead which makes CPA marketing a good source of income once you master the basics and get a steady flow of leads.

Some of the popular CPA networks are Maxbounty, Peerfly, CPAlead, etc.

  1. Publishing eBooks

Amazon’s Kindle platform offers an opportunity for you to publish your eBooks. If you are good at writing and can write a decent number of articles on a topic, this is the chance for you. If you are looking to cash in on this opportunity, you may even hire some writers to write the eBooks and then publish in your name or a pen name. You may even have different pen names, with each one having eBooks posted on a particular subject. The topics can range from marketing, art, fashion, self-improvement, etc. Check out Kindle publishing program on Amazon for more details.

  1. Ethical Hacker

For someone who is fascinated about ways to look for weaknesses in computer networks, this can be a rewarding career. You can legally hack into systems, corporate networks to test the level of security in these networks. There are some courses online / offline about ethical hacking which train on the different topics involved. You can also look for loopholes in websites like facebook and report them to get a handsome reward.

  1. Digital Product Creator

You may consider this opportunity if you are technically good enough. Also , if you can manage to collaborate with those who are technically sound. Digital product creation has a lot of scope which we can explore. The product can be a simple tool to automate certain tasks which the users perform online like social media tasks. Look around and note down the process which can be automated or the pain points of someone running an online business.

Once you brainstorm the ideas, code the product, package it, you may look at marketplaces like Clickbank, Jvzoo, etc. to list the product. Many affiliates on these sites will be eager to promote your product if it is unique and good enough.

  1. Email marketing

Collecting email of a potential buyer is the first and most important step in internet marketing. Then you need to nurture those leads with valuable information, free offers, etc. Finally provide a product or service – your own or an affiliate product.  If this sounds good, you may opt for email marketing as one of the ways to make money online. You will need an email service provider like Aweber, Getresponse, Mailchimp, etc., a website or landing page to collect emails. You may schedule email autoresponder sequence so that your email list receives these emails at predefined intervals.

  1. Social media marketing

The attention of an average buyer is on social media since most of the population is using social media throughout the day. This creates enough business opportunities to market to those social media users through engaging content, advertisements, etc. Once you understand the basics, you may go for free social media marketing. For example using Facebook groups and pages to showcase and promote a product. You may even go for paid advertisements on various social media platforms. You can offer Social media marketing as a service as well to clients in various businesses.

These are the top 25 ways to make money online that I have come across in my internet marketing career so far. Try a few of them to add some more revenue streams to your income.

What are your favorite methods to Make Money Online? Comment below.

We keep updating this list and add new opportunities. So do subscribe for the latest updates.

25 Easy Ways To Make Money Without Leaving Your Job

25 easy ways to make money without leaving your job

All of us can use little extra cash every month. If you make money by doing something that you enjoy it is even better. Isn’t it? There are many methods to make money online as well.

Making money on your own is the trend nowadays. More and more employees, fresh graduates and even students are looking to earn some extra bucks by working on a part-time job or with a side hustle. Some have even gone on to set up their businesses through these side hustles.

Apart from the monetary benefits, these opportunities let you

–    Become financially independent

–    Set your own time

–    Work where you choose

–    Earn according to your efforts

What are some of the common ways to make money?

Make MoneyThere are hundreds of ways to make money with something that you already know and enjoy doing. It takes just a little bit of creativity and finding the right place to market your skills to turn your passion/skills into cash.

Now, the skills that you have can be anything – designing, programming, acting, singing, marketing, public speaking, photography, etc. – the possibilities are endless.

Once you find what suits you, it becomes easier to expand your hustle through networking.

If you are good in graphic design, you can start with making logos or banners which should not take much time. Meanwhile, you can learn to create infographics, sales pages, web design, etc. easily because you already have the core skill – knowledge of graphic design tools.

Can I make money with this ?

Also, it depends on your personality type. I may find writing articles relatively easier compared to the other tasks. It may not be the same case for you. You might be good at sales and marketing. So, think about what is the best way for you. Try it for some time and do not hesitate to make any changes in your chosen path to arrive at the most convenient and profitable one.

For example, when I started out making money on my own, I still had my 9 to 5 job. Considering the time that I had at my disposal, I had to choose a way to make money online. I already had experience in making decent presentations. So, I decided to offer this as a service.

Soon, I realized that I could design infographics with the same skill by making some tweaks here and there. Doing some online research helped me to find out that I could create videos with the same skills as well. Within a span of 3 weeks, I could offer three services which were in demand (which I never realized before) without spending any money and with the skill set which I already possessed.

Right now, I am moving on to bigger ventures like internet marketing while making sure that I keep my graphic and video design clients happy. These connections will help me to leverage in the future in online marketing.

Here is a list of 25 core competencies and the opportunities related to these skills. You can make a decent amount of money with these if you are consistent in your efforts over a period.

  1. Writing articles

Writing good content has always been a skill in demand – whether it is for an offline publication or web content. Earnings will depend on your writing style, experience, portfolio, etc. It is always good to start with writing small for small gigs even though the pay is not great so that you can build a great portfolio and get testimonials from the clients.

Then you can demand higher pay for your work and get opportunities to choose writing for major publications or websites like Huffington post, Forbes, etc. You may get started with freelance sites like Fiverr, Up work, Elance, etc. There are sites which specialize in writing services like iWriter, Textbroker, etc. which have different levels of payout based on your skills and experience.

You may even want to look at writing and publishing your book.

Earn Money from Photography- Make Money

  1. Photography

This is a significant skill with a huge market both offline and online. You might have seen some of your friends and family members turning into part time event photographers, particularly wedding photographers. You can get some decent assignments by setting up a Facebook page, an Instagram account with some of your best work. There are sites which act as marketplaces for photos like Shutterstock, istockphoto, graphicblocks, etc. You can start by listing your pictures for free to gain some audience and to test your skill level. Once you have enough positive feedback from the community, you can look to get paid assignments.

  1. Part time job

Most of us are familiar with these employment opportunities which are seasonal and helps anyone make some cash working part time. Offline publications are listing out these apart from popular online classifieds like Craigslist, backpages, Locanto, etc.

  1. Car rental service

With the services like Uber becoming more and more popular, renting out your car is a relatively practical idea. You can make decent cash too. Be prepared to study their terms and conditions as each one of them differ in many ways. Once you are convinced, you can arrange a driver or drive yourself to make pretty good income from this service.

  1. Teaching

If teaching is your passion and you have some unique skill, you can look at turning your passion into a profitable side income venture. A simple advertisement in your local classified or online sites like Craigslist could generate enough students who would want to learn a particular subject from you. A simple set up of a whiteboard with a few chairs should suffice to start out. You may go on expanding the set up as you gain momentum.

  1. Sell Second-hand books

You will be surprised to find many useful books lying around the house if you look closely. There is always demand for books no matter how much electronic media has grabbed the attention of the people. There are places both online and offline to list and sell these books to the students and general public.

You will find several groups on social media sites like Facebook groups where you can buy, sell, exchange these books.

You can earn money with your talent - Make Money

  1. Showcase your talent

Do you love acting, singing, dancing? You can find many opportunities for the event managers who are constantly looking for new talent. Once you make inroads into these possibilities, you can get enough contacts to get short time gigs or a long term contract to earn a steady income. Participate in local and regional/national level events and competitions to take your talent to the next step. If you are good enough, the sky is the limit to earn name and fame in this category.

  1. Start a dance, singing, drawing class

You can teach these skills to the aspiring students offering training on any or all of these skills. You do not need to possess these skills yourself. If you can arrange a place, do some marketing to get the students, you can always approach other trainers and schedule the classes. This can turn into a serious business if you plan well and execute diligently. You can tie up with event management companies in your locality to provide them trained artists for their events. This will help you to build a reputation for your own business as well.

  1. YouTube videos

One of the major advantages of technology is each one of us has the equal opportunity to succeed if we master individual skills. Creating YouTube videos is one of them. You can do anything from reviewing a physical product like latest mobile phone, car, etc. to make yourself known and earn money too. Also, a decent mobile camera and some basic set up for lighting will be enough to start. We need to help the audience understand the features of the product and give your opinion which will be useful for them to make an informed decision. You can start a YouTube channel about literally anything under the sun – fashion tips, cooking traveling, design, gaming, movies, music, sports, politics, trending topics and so on. YouTube AdSense program allows you to earn based on the number of views on your videos.

Over a period, you can make much more than a regular job if you are persistent with this. The best part is you can just show the product or your computer screen while explaining the concepts if you do not wish to face the camera yourself!

  1. Build and sell your app

Mobile apps are the rage nowadays with each and every business having an online presence and mobile usage continuing to grow every day. Companies are spending a lot on getting their websites mobile compliant and even better, an app for their sites to make it more customized and user-friendly. You can learn to develop a mobile app quickly without much knowledge of particular programming languages. There are tools with inbuilt functions to create any apps. You may even get some prebuilt apps and reskin them to suit your business or your client’s business.

Sites like Code Canyon offer these type of prebuilt apps.

  1. Freelance working

Freelancing has been one of my favorite ways to make money since I started out as a freelancer. You can work on a per project basis which helps you to decide how much work you want to take up. You can work in the comfort of your own time and place that you choose. I have built a good relationship with many of my clients over a period which now has resulted in a steady flow of projects. It has even helped the customers and me to understand each other’s’ working style so that we work accordingly. Some of the popular freelance sites are Fiverr, Upwork, Elance, etc.

Earn Money by becoming Travel Agent - Make Money

  1. Travel consultant

Most of us plan to go out of the city during the holiday season and hate the details involved in planning the trip. As a travel advisor, you can take care of this need to provide some relief and get some cash in return.  This can be a recurring income when you build a relationship with some frequent flyers.

  1. Garage sale arbitrage

Want to profit from a garage sale? You can go shopping during the garage sale and find some great deals on used items. Keep in mind that these elements should be in demand on sites like EBay. It helps to do some research beforehand about the type of items in need. Once you have the items with you, list them online with sufficient margin. Selling electronic devices, old CDs, games, movies, etc. can get you some decent cash for a few hours of work over the weekend.

  1. Refurbishing old electronic items

Nowadays, everyone from kids, students, graduates to working people need an extra computer, laptop, gaming device, etc. You can fulfill this need by refurbishing and selling old electronic items.

This is an extension of the previous method. People have a tendency to keep electronic items which need minor repairs and sell them for cheap. You can get these repaired yourself and sell them with a good margin in online or offline marketplaces.

  1. Rent your parking space

Your unused parking space can get you some easy money if you make an arrangement to rent it. Offer car cleaning service along with this to add to customer delight and some additional dollars!

Earn Money from BabySitter - Make Money

  1. Babysitting

This is the era of working parents wherein both of them do not have enough time to spend time with the baby. You can offer babysitting service yourself by spending some time if you are comfortable with it. Do you want to expand this business? Set up an agency hiring other babysitters and offer the service across the city since there is a lot of demand for babysitting service in the working community.

  1. Rent your house

You may rent a portion of your house to services like Airbnb which offer decent remuneration, and you will have clients across the world using your space. You may also think of renting out your spare space for any event, parties or filming, etc.

Earn for walking with Dogs and Pets - Make Money Job

  1. Dog walking and sitting

Do you love spending time with dogs? If yes, you can do well with these opportunities. There are a ton of busy people who own pet dogs but do not have the time to take them for a walk or need someone to take care of these pets when they are busy. This is an emerging business in some of the cities like Chicago, NewYork City, etc. National Association of Professional Pet Sitters provides more information for anyone looking to start this venture.

  1. Programming / Software development.

Many of the software companies, particularly start-ups need programmers or software developers on a per project basis. They cut their costs by avoiding full-time employees and hire only when they need. This has created an opportunity for many of us who are geeky and love programming. Some of the common skills to develop are c++, Java, web programming, PHP, etc. Most of the freelancer sites have these programming gigs available for anyone to apply for. Check out some of the top rated sellers on in web programming section.


  1. Stock trading

If you have some cash in hand which you might not need for any emergency, this is an opportunity for you. You can invest in stocks and derivatives to gain some handsome returns over a period. Income would depend on the duration of investment, risk tolerance level and your knowledge about stock pricing which can be achieved through some research. There are stock brokers who will guide you with this and to start out in a stock trading venture. You can get a head start here by learning how to invest in stocks with $1000 initially.

  1. Electronic repair

With ever increasing demand for electronic devices, you may set up a highly profitable business with electronics repair including Mobile phone repair, Mobile phone recycling, computer servicing, etc. This can generate enough clients, and you can even start to sell these products for higher income over time.

  1. Realty agent

Do you like to help people find the right house or office? You are already in a rewarding career if you do so. Understand what they need, assist them to connect with the properties which suit their requirements. You have gained yourself a handsome commission.

  1. Competitions

We have a lot of contests / Reality shows based on knowledge, skills, attitude and even luck nowadays. Most of us just wish we had been there and done that. Why not try your hands at one of these? You may end up winning an impressive amount of money. We have competitions ranging from singing, dancing, quiz shows or just entertaining people in any form.  Check out some of the best reality shows here.

  1. Network marketing

This is the way to go if you are the kind of person who likes to talk to people, get your ideas across and convince them. Many of the major companies are getting into the network marketing model due to lesser cost and efficiency in promoting their product or service. I have done a little bit of network marketing myself and found that it can be profitable if you put in the time and effort to make connections and get people on board with the network marketing company that you work with. You can promote your network online through free or paid traffic or offline through meetings, classified ads, seminars, and events. Check out some of the smart ways to start network marketing here.

  1. Make money online

Making Money Online has been the craze with more people understanding the power of internet marketing and online presence for any business these days. You can become an internet marketer yourself by providing product and services online with your website. You can make use of many online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Aliexpress as well.

Alternatively, you can promote products by other company or individuals for commissions ranging from 4% to 80% for sale. There are sites which offer cash for just referring someone to their phone number, email id or zip code.

Apart from these, you can offer any of your skills as a service –

–    Writing web content,

–    Graphic design for websites,

–    Video creation,

–    Web design,

–    Search engine optimization / marketing ,

–    Social media marketing

–    Video marketing etc.

There are opportunities to Make Money all around us only if we look around and think regarding how we can provide value to those around us. When you start out with this vision, you will find many ways to do it. The money will follow once customer satisfaction becomes your primary objective.

Do you want to experience it?

Why not start today and see where this takes you in a month, a year from now?

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